A water shortage in several districts of the capital

A water shortage in several districts of the capital

Like fuel in gas stations, water is scarce in several areas of the capital: Christ-Roi, Canapé Vert, etc. In These neighborhoods, households have not seen a trickle of water from their tap for months now. 

Water truckers are unable to deliver water to these areas due to fuel shortage.      

During this fuel crisis, truckers increased the price of the 5 gallon container by about 150%, from 10 gourdes to 25 gourdes depending on the delivery area. As for the so-called treated water, the gallon has gone from 5 gourdes to 10 gourds 

The sachets of water sold in the streets and everywhere are also increasing in price. Thesold at the rate of two units for 5 gourdes before the scarcity of petroleum products, now it takes 10 gourdes to buy 3 units. 

This increase observed on the market results from a price increase applied by companies like Alaska, which added 30 gourdes more to the price of parquet containing 60 sachets of water. From now on, households must include the expenses made to buy water in their budget which only reduces with the inflation caused by the shortage of fuel. 

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